Caliso Temps – Automated Calibration Software

Caliso Temps – Automated Calibration Software

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Caliso Temps, together with suitable instruments, provides exceptional power and simplicity when it comes to automated temperature calibration.

Nowadays, most manufacturers will supply you with with a piece of software that will allow you to connect their instruments to your computer. Some work OK, others unfortunately can only be described as terrible. Furthermore, they will only work with one manufacturer’s instruments, which means 2 things:

  • You will need to learn how to use several different programs
  • Unless you restrict yourself to one manufacturer, you will be unable to integrate ALL of your instruments into an automated system
With Caliso Temps working for you, all of that becomes a thing of the past.

Caliso Temps is made up of 2 separate programs:

  • Laboratory Interface where you connect your instruments and carry-out your calibration tests
  • Builder where you analyse your data, perform calculations, and also design and make calibration certificates
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We use Caliso Temps for all our automated calibration laboratory needs.
Caliso Temps can connect to a multitude of different bands
Here are just a few of the features we use.
Fully configurable test parameters:
  • Reference standards used
  • Automated heat source set points
  • Test stability requirements
  • Time at stability
  • Trending
  • Calculations and more

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Caliso Temps

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