Testo 174 T (-30 to 70°C internal)

Testo 174 T (-30 to 70°C internal)

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The testo 174T Mini Temperature Data Logger is your practical support for continuous temperature measurement (e.g. the storage temperature of drugs or food).

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$196.60 (Set – Logger + reader)

The testo 174T Set is an ideal kit for those wanting to purchase their initial temperature data logger. It provides a high level of user friendliness and absolute security. It is widely used to monitor temperature in order to protect sensitive goods in the following industries.

The Testo 174T mini temperature data logger set provides reliable temperature measurement for monitoring Cold Chain & Sensitive product in storage & Transport. It is also an ideal data logger for monitoring conditions in buildings. Widely used by Food Manufacturing, Food Distribution, Super markets, Restaurants, Kitchens, Hospitals, Pharmacies,  Medical & Pharmaceutical laboratories.

What does the testo 174T mini temperature data logger offers

You can save up to 16,000 readings with the Testo 174T temperature data logger. The measurement data you have saved will not be lost even when the battery is empty or being replaced. This ensures a high level of data security. You can easily and quickly read the current temperature measuring values on its large display, along with any possible limit violations. The integrated NTC sensor stands for a high level of accuracy. Its large measuring range, from -30 to +70 °C, and its compact design make the Testo 174T temperature data logger a competent support for virtually every kind of temperature recording.

Programming and analysis with the temperature data logger

You need software for programming and reading your temperature data logger and analyzing measurement data on the PC. We offer three different software versions for you to choose from:

  • ComSoft Basic software – available as a free download – enables fast programming of the data logger and easy measurement data analysis.
  • ComSoft Professional software – available as an option – offers a variety of possibilities for detailed analysis of measurement results.
  • ComSoft CFR 21 Part 11 software – available as an option – can be used for special requirements according to CFR 21 Part 11 in the pharmaceutical sector.