Testo Saveris

Testo Saveris

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  • The testo Saveris data monitoring system is ideally suited for temperature monitoring and temperature control in the most demanding applications. It provides fully automatic measurement of temperature and humidity values – ideal for uses that include the following:

    • Process monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry
    • Monitoring of the ambient conditions in buildings
    • Monitoring of processes in research and development, laboratories and hospitals
    • Monitoring the ambient transport conditions for sensitive goods
Category: Monitoring Systems


Measurement supervision with a data monitoring system – this is how it works:

  • Up to 150 data loggers (Cloud loggers) can be combined in one system for temperature and humidity measurement.
  • Measuring values are transmitted to the testo Saveris base.
  • Finally, all the data are seamlessly collected together in the testo Saveris software, enabling analysis.

testo Saveris system overview


Radio and Ethernet probes:

Measures and sends data

  • Temperature and humidity measurement
  • Individually positionable and extendable

                                                testo Saveris base

Display and Storage

  • Stores > 18 million values
  • Alarm visualization
  • Extendable: router, coupler and lots more

testo Saveris software

Displays data

  • Secure, central archiving of data
  • Measurement data analysis
  • Measurement data evaluation