Testo Saveris 2 WiFi data logger system

Testo Saveris 2 WiFi data logger system

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WLAN data loggers from Testo for monitoring temperature and ambient conditions

Data loggers in themselves are already a practical innovation for the monitoring of numerous measurement parameters. Uses of these small aids include measuring and documenting temperature, humidity, vibration, lux, CO₂ and CO.

The disadvantage of conventional models: they require manual readout. This is precisely where WLAN data loggers get to work. The instruments, which are also known as wireless data loggers, cordless data loggers or Cloud loggers, combine precise measuring technology with data transmission via WiFi.

A Testo WLAN data logger offers you the following

  • Large selection of instruments for all common parameters/measurement parameters
  • Wireless transmission of the readings to the Testo Cloud
  • Alarm notification via e-mail and/or SMS when there are violations of limit value
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Wifi data logger

Allowing access to your data from anywhere in the Globe we bring together the latest in portable technological advancement, Saveris 2, our WiFi data logger system allows temperature and humidity measurements to be recorded by Wifi data loggers and transmitted and saved by wireless LAN to Testo Cloud.

You have access to your data whenever required via the online storage and central operating system, Testo Cloud. Whatever device you may use, smartphones, to tablets and personal computers you can monitor your data on the go and ensure the process of data logging is processing well.
The system offers high levels of data security, ensuring your data is double saved at all times. The plug and play system requires no software installation, all you need is an internet connection, wireless LAN and an everyday web browser.
The inbuilt alarm systems also ensure that there are no limit violations and issues are easily reported via either sms or email options and an extensive choice of probes for a wide range of applications can be used for a multitude of measuring options.